About Us

We redefine excellence in the office furniture industry, and deliver value beyond belief.

In fact, we are fanatical about being different – about disrupting what is expected from the office furniture industry.

We do much more than sell you desks and chairs – we create offices people actually want to be in.

Because this is all about people. And every decision, every investment you make that impacts them needs to create a positive return.

We call it The Chase Way.

“If we can increase productivity by just 1%
we can offset the energy costs of a building.
Imagine what happens when we do more…”

As experts we’ve learned a thing or two over the past 15 years.

Because people are the last ones to move into a new space, very often office furniture is the last thing to be considered and ordered. And then there’s a scramble to get everything done right, and on time.

We’ve seen the consequences, the compromises, and the stress.


Our clients know that when they work with us, we are ‘all over it’ – proactive, responsive, and committed to perfect project execution.

Call us before you start planning, and we’ll bring all our knowledge, experience and insight to make your life so much easier – from day one.

And we won’t stop until every employee is happy.