Best Buy Canada Ltd., Burnaby, BC

Smart Office Solutions TOS remanufactured workstations | Teknion Studio Lounge + Café furniture | Teknion Hi Space electric height adjustable tables | Teknion Upstage benching systems | Allseating chairs | Custom millwork benches (Omega) | Teknion Altos glass walls with barn doors.


Designer: Christopher Bozyk Architects | Contractor: Norson Construction


Chase Office Interiors was engaged to plan and execute a massive reconfiguration for Best Buy Canada Ltd. when the lease on one of their two buildings – housing 1200 employees combined – expired, and would not be renewed.


Accommodate and move all employees into one building.
Maximize the budget by using as much existing workstation components as possible.
Execute the project to enable business, as usual, with minimum disruption.
Meet the lease expiry deadline, with all employees in their new workstations.


With our expertise and extensive knowledge of logistics, planning and execution, we collaborated with Best Buy to meet every challenge – and are very proud of the results.
We designed a new configuration but reducing the per-employee footprint, from 48 square feet to an efficient 36; and a detailed production plan ensured minimal impact on their day-to-day business.
To transform their offices we used a combination of new and refurbished products – including new fabric, finishes and work surfaces – to achieve the desired functionality and a fresh, modern style – all within budget.
Dry walled, private office frontage walls were replaced with Teknion demountable Altos glass floor-to-ceiling storefronts, complete with sliding glass barn doors. Breakout and collaboration areas were furnished with a variety of stylish Teknion Studio pieces, and electric height-adjustable benching workstations were installed in the IT and Tech departments to support cooperative teamwork.
Planning and ordering for this extensive project took over six months, and execution nine months – and the results are extraordinary.