Dowco, Surrey, BC

Teknion Leverage Desking & High Space Desks, AllSeating Task Chairs


site lines architectures


Chase met with the client to understand and consult on their needs. It was determined two existing office locations were to be amalgamated into one space and as much exiting furniture as possible was to be used. A thorough audit of all existing furniture was completed as well as a space plan and implementation of new furniture in their space resulting in a new, open, clean work environment.


Columns in the buildings structure made creativity a requirement when space planning the desired number of desks into the floorplate.


We worked closely with the client to understand their needs, ensure they understood the value in the commercial grade furniture option and understood how the finished floor would appear before we completed our order.

Our project management team worked closely with the contractor to coordinate schedules and completed a smooth installation. Information on the operation of the height adjustable desks was left on each on and an ergonomics screening was offered to the client.