Embassy Bosa, Burnaby, BC

Teknion Leverage furniture | Teknion Upstage | Teknion Dossier | Teknion Filing.


Contractor: CRW Contracting


When Embassy Bosa moved from a small older building, into a the entire 13th floor of a brand new building, to meet the needs of their growing company, they invited Chase to create a beautiful, functional space – including ergonomic Sit/Stand Stations for everyone.


The building itself was still under construction, contractors were still working on that floor, and torrential rainstorms hampered unloading the new product.


We collaborated well with all the contractors – to work through difficulties getting everything in and up to the 13th floor, and to coordinate our installation, with their priorities. Because everyone stepped up so well, the project was completed ahead of schedule – and the client was very pleased the result.

• A fresh, modern look with clean lines, for their bright new office
• Maximized open space, and private offices
• Increased efficiency, workflow and collaboration with open workstations.