Pacific Blue Cross, Burnaby, BC

Teknion District Desking & High Space Desks, SitOnIt Meeting Chairs.


SQ1 Interior Design


Chase responded to Pacific Blue Cross’s (PBC’s) RFP to help them plan and execute a seven phase renovation project. Each of the six large floors was moved out of, renovated, installed and moved into on a demanding schedule to provide a new, brighter, user friendly work environment.


Completing furniture installations amid construction activity to meet the required schedule.
Integrating existing furniture from the Swing Space into the new furniture plan for the final phase.


We worked closely with the SQ 1 and PBC to identify and coordinate furniture from two manufacturers to create unique yet uniform workspaces that could be installed throughout the entire building to meet end user’s needs and provide a healthier work environment.

A comprehensive project schedule was created to manage the complexity of the installation and revised through the attendance of weekly project meetings. Working closely with the client, designer and general contractor (GC), the layout and schedule for each phase was determined and monitored. A Project Manager worked closely with the GC to coordinate site work and monitored the installation of the product daily.

After each installation, an ergonomic screening was provided to each employee to demonstrate the recommended use of the new furniture including seating positions, desk heights, monitor height etc.