Victoria International Airport, Executive Boardroom, Vancouver Island, BC


Evolve Planning & Design Inc / David Lane Furniture / Keilhauer


The Victoria International Airport Authority decided it was time to upgrade their Executive Boardroom from several T leg tables and squeaky faux leather chairs. They contacted 2 dealers to offer solutions, Chase Office Interiors in Victoria was the preferred choice providing them with a custom 24’ x 8’6” veneer boat shaped table from David Lane Furniture, complete with 12 power/data centres and accompanied by 24 Leather Vanilla chairs by Keilhauer.


The construction of the top & base had to be made in 5 pieces in order to conceal all the floor mounted outlets and to make it up the stairs to the 2nd floor office because the elevator was too small.


A beautiful custom table made by a local BC manufacturer featuring a cherry inlay that compliments the room’s existing woodwork, flush desktop electronics to allow connectivity that will serve the VAA board members and their devices for the next 30+ years.